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Heroine Mary – Lark (TCH remix)

After the success of our first Lark remix “Tricksy” we decided that it was high time to release our second remix “Heroine Mary”. This track is pure Psychedelic Rock n’ Roll and has rocked every dance floor we have played it on! Hope you enjoy!          

Underground Overground

“Underground Overground” is a collection of 5 dancefloor melters, that’ll have you heaving till the cows come home. From slamming psytrance stormers like “Wave after wave”, and TCH’s remix of P.H.Fat’s “Dinosaur Blood”, to Electro inspired rock riffs in “Dr. Rockit”, and the deep,tripped out grooves of the title track “Underground Overground” and “99%”, this […]

The Commercial Hippies – From Beyond

From two very dedicated trance maestros, DJ Chesh and Ant, comes The Commercial Hippies much anticipated album; ‘From Beyond’. This is their second album and it promises to be a stormer! With 3 years international experience gained since their last release, the formidable duo have put all their heart and soul into the making of this […]

The Commercial Hippies – If You Can’t Stand The Heat

After nearly a year of intense studio time, the long awaited début album from The Commercial Hippies are now ready to blast off into the stratosphere with their eagerly awaited début album. Spending so much time perfecting their unique sound, the zany duo of Cyan and Chesh (half of Nano act, Hydrophonic, and a co-owner of […]

Nano Records: T.C.H – Retakes 02

After the highly successful EP ‘Retakes 01’, The Commercial Hippies are back on the trancewagon with ‘Retakes 02’, which includes 2 remixed TCH originals. On this EP, Mexican beat master Tron and South African legend Broken Toy have given their original spin on some TCH favourites from their album ‘From Beyond’.

Nano Records: T.C.H – Retakes 01

After a highly successful second album, ‘From Beyond’ The Commercial Hippies have returned with ‘Retakes 01’, featuring 2 classic tracks with a twist from 2 top acts. This is the first of a few remix Ep’s to be released on Nano Records from the much loved and respected duo that is Anton Raubenheimer and Gareth […]

Nano Records: Origin 4 compiled by Regan

‘Origin 4’ encapsulates the true essence of the music that Nano Records promotes. All the artists that are featured on this 18-track compilation have helped in some way to make the label what it is today. They are all playing a part in promoting and spreading the Nano sound worldwide to much acclaim.   Some […]

Nano Records: Origin Stage 3

The third in the enormously successful Origin series, Origin – Stage 3 is compiled by Ans. Our main man in the UK and is a celebration of his stage at the mighty Glade Festival held in July each year. It is to be released at the same time as Nano Records’ annual Origin Festival in […]

Nano Records: Origin II

Finding the perfect balance between real progressive music and full blown psychedelic party music. Eskimo, Aphid Moon, Hydrophonic and AMD, (with their swirling Remix of Jumanjis ‘Roll the Dice’), all knock out some serious psychedelic tuneage that will leave dance floors screaming for more! Tristan, The Commercial Hippies and Annarchy (a killa new progressive producer […]

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