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Heroine Mary – Lark (TCH remix)

Heroine Mary - Lark (TCH remix)After the success of our first Lark remix “Tricksy” we decided that it was high time to release our second remix “Heroine Mary”. This track is pure Psychedelic Rock n’ Roll and has rocked every dance floor we have played it on! Hope you enjoy!






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“Underground Overground”

TCH Underground Overground Cover 2

“Underground Overground” is a collection of 5 dancefloor melters, that’ll have you heaving till the cows come home. From slamming psytrance stormers like “Wave after wave”, and TCH’s remix of P.H.Fat’s “Dinosaur Blood”, to Electro inspired rock riffs in “Dr. Rockit”, and the deep,tripped out grooves of the title track “Underground Overground” and “99%”, this is a collection of TCH at top form! “Underground Overground” gives you a taste of what these dancefloor legends are all about and best of all its available absolutely FREE, so be sure to grab yourself a copy. You dont wanna miss this!!!


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